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Academic Framework

Baselios Thomas I Catholicose College of Engineering & Technology is committed to enhance student learning outcomes by following a result-oriented approach. The college follows a uniform framework of pedagogy designed for continuous improvement of the students. 

  • Systematic Study Plans

    A systematic study plan starts with a simple visual Semester plan which helps students and teachers to focus upon the timing of events during the semester and to prepare themselves for the tasks. An effective Study plan emphasises on what the student learns than what the teacher does.
  • Continuous Assessment for faculty and Students

    This is done to ensure that the 3 entities namely Teacher's Intention, Student Activity and Exam Assessment are constructively aligned for positive results . The constructive alignment with continuous assessment ensures better student nurturing and results in better performances.
  • Emphasizing on written proficiency in English

    Much emphasis needs to be given to the use of written English beginning in the first-year despite the time constraints for completion of a large number of prescribed technical courses and workshops in the study schedule. This apparently reinforces the idea that the students see English as playing a vital role in their lives, either currently or in the future.
  • Encouraging peer-to-peer interaction

    We introduce the peer group as a powerful learning resource and thus, the students working with their peer group identify the relevant resources, learn the ability to discern and thereby identify the cause or effect.
  • Defined Teaching Methods

    We follow irrespective of subject course a clearly defined effective and uniform student-faculty engagement. The uniform framework ensures the process of formulating intended learning outcomes to the existing University syllabi based on the principles of Constructive Alignment.