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Empowerment Programmes

World Outside Programme

To develop social responsibility among students and create awareness of societal issues  the Institute has initiated the 'World out side" programmme every Friday afternoon. This programme is conducted under the leadership of the Departments


 Employee Empowerment

BTC Employee Empowerment Internal Seminars are conducted periodically to harness our employee's unique talents and skills to promote professional growth among the employees. The seminars are held to impart knowledge on chosen topics from diverse fields. The employees are encouraged to bring about innovative ideas and enhance the student learning process. List of seminars held in our college are:

Effective Time Management Strategies
This seminar was delivered by Dr. Ranjit Abraham on 18th February 2012 and helps a professional to identify and eliminate procrastination througheffective time management strategies. He discussed the use of some simple tools, tips and techniques to enhance personal productivity.


MS PowerPoint 2010 for Professionals
The seminar was delivered by Asst. Professor Fijin B. Thomas on 22nd February 2012 . Through this seminar the audience was acquainted the essential features of Microsoft's presentation software - PowerPoint 2010. The seminar covered a wide-range of topics from animation effects, SmartArt graphics, multimedia tools, design features, and add-ons to provide energy and visual impact to presentations.



A Quick Snack Recipe for Busy Professionals
This seminar was delivered by Ms. Shiji M. M. on 15th March 2012. She acquainted the audience with the preparation of ”Lentil Cakes” a delicious and well-sought south-Indian snack. Live preparation and ingredients of the snack was demonstrated and the audience also par-took in the cooking which was served hot and crisp for all to enjoy.



Leveraging Google Web-based Applications
This seminar was delivered by Asst. Professor Lekshmi R. Shenoy on 20th April 2012. The presentation covered several exciting features of the free web-based office suite offered by Google – Google Docs. The audience were shown practical demonstration on how to create and edit documents online. Other online Google apps, such as Translate and Transliterate were also discussed in detail.



Efficient Power Management For Homes
This seminar was delivered by Asst. Professor Marymol T. Babu on 22nd August 2012. The presentation covers the essentials to practical power management at home. Useful tips were provided to efficiently use energy by eliminating unnecessary energy consumption. Several ways to efficiently manage the electricity use to lower bills were discussed.



Basic Hardware Fundamentals
Mr Syam Sundar of Computer Science & Engineering Department gave a talk and demonstration on Basic Computer Hardware 22-11-2012. The talk started with a simple introduction about the computers followed by the different parts of the computer. He explained them with practical demonstration. The session was informative to all who attended it.